Why Use Tree Service Companies

“Why use a Wichita tree service?” This is a question many ask when they realize that their trees need some maintenance. The more important question, however, is “What services can I get for my tree?” There are many basic services that all tree care professionals provide.

Why Use a Tree Service

Stump Removal – When dealing with stump removal, it’s important to think about what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you, the property owner, skilled enough to do the necessary work your trees need? Professional tree services will offer a variety of options. They may choose to excavate your location first and then send in a skid steer or other equipment to dig up your dead tree. They may also choose to chop your tree altogether. The decision ultimately lies on you and your arborists.

Tree Trimming – The purpose of tree trimming is to make the trunks fit tightly together to create a symmetrical shape. This will make the trees appear much more attractive and also will make the tree itself last longer. Tree service companies will also make sure that you get rid of any infected areas that may be present. In addition to this, tree trimming is necessary to keep your property looking beautiful. A tree trimmed improperly can easily grow out of control and overtake your entire yard.

Edging – It’s not uncommon for professional tree trimmers to use a special tool called an edger. This tool is used to create a line that will allow the tree to grow in a particular direction without obstructing an existing path. Many tree care professionals also use this tool to define where they are going to cut trees. An edge riser is similar to an edger but it allows for the tree to grow upwards instead of outward. This tool is necessary when trees are extremely tall or you need to get more branches in a certain location.

Stump Grinding – If you’ve ever witnessed a tree stump grinding, you’ve probably wondered what the process entailed. Essentially, tree stump grinding is the process of removing tree stumps so that new tree growth can take place. In some cases this can be accomplished using hydraulic stump grinders. If the stump is very large, it may require two or more stump grinders to accomplish the job. Stump grinders can be powered by hand, which is more cost effective, or by electricity, which makes it easier to access the stump and avoid damaging its sensitive roots. Choosing to have the stump ground at your own convenience can make stump removal much easier, but it can also be much more expensive.

Wichita, KS property owners who are interested in having their trees trimmed, sawed off, or stump ground may be thinking of hiring tree trimming crews to do the work for them. The question is whether they should entrust their job to private individuals or to professional crews that have been approved by the tree care association in their area. A great way to find out is to ask people you know who have had tree trimming or removal work done. Chances are, if they were happy with the service they received, they will be able to provide you with a referral or two to help you find the tree care crew that is best suited for your needs.